• Noodlefist Habit Changer: An 8-Week E-Course to Optimize Weight Loss

    Change your brain to change your habits now

    Diet is a mindset before it is a practice, and knowing how to talk to your brain and access your greatest strengths will help you stick to the choices you have made. Without this, your brain will simply go back to its old way of doing things. Why set yourself up for failure?

    What are the benefits of this course?

    • Learn the eight EASY steps to changing your diet mindset now
    • Learn how successful dieters access their mental dashboards for diet success
    • Learn how your brain can become your friend if you know how to program it for diet success
    • Learn how to become mentally prepared to face the many challenges of a new diet
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  • Noodlefist: The World's First Brain Reset

    Diets fail because determination fails: Learn to create new brain habits

    • A diet without the correct mental attitude is a set-up for failure
    • Remove your mental challenges in just 8 week
    • Learn New RESEARCH-BASED habits
    • Learn how to talk to your brain from a HARVARD-TRAINED researcher
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